The Tennis Advisors Areas of Expertise.

Coaches/Players/Players without a coach/National Federations

We provide remotely or on the spot, tailor made technical intelligence products, supporting all related parties of the front line! Well tested products by top coaches, can provide competitive advantage in crucial matches, thus giving the edge to our privileged customers.

Tournament Organizations

We can provide extensive media technical analysis for tournaments in:

  • Official daily bulettin.
  • Daily tennis tech news.
  • Quick media notes.
  • Commentating.

Sponsorship Deals

We can collaborate with Advertising Agencies all over the world by:

  • Promoting their clients in their preferred tournament
    by participating in our Tennis Tech News Newsletter.

TV Media Deals

We can assist in:

  • Media Production in tennis events.
  • Custom made solutions in tv sport shows.
  • Tennis technical feeding in live events.
  • Quick tennis technical notes.


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